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Machine Learning for your teeth?

Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Machine learning is indeed taking over the world.

Scientists and researchers all over the world are using machine learning algorithms in health care & medicine, education, energy, retail, manufacturing and even art!! Checkout how MIT alumni are using ML for better dental x-ray evaluation. Isn't that fascinating?

Machine learning is the next generation of computation and enables us to write better code.

Why? Because it takes the human out of the code.

Humans can not writing the code to handle every permutation and combination of logic that can manifest itself in real life execution of the program. Instead in machine learning programs, the machine is shown data from all kinds of prior instances.

For example in the above example of dental x-rays, the machine learning model is shown several dental x-rays which are labeled (say cavity). After seeing 1000s of images, when the model is shown a brand new x-ray that it has never seen before, it can use its learning of past x-ray images to predict a cavity.

It's like magic but it's not - it's actually very similar to how we learn to label things as babies!! Neurons in the brain are activated when the baby sees mama and hears the name mama! The same mechanism is used in ML. When the model is shown hundreds of images that's labeled dog or cat, the neurons in the machine learning model gets activated. That's how the model is "learning" what a dog (or a cat) looks like. That's also why these algorithms are called Neural networks!

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