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Design your living room with Machine Learning

Can you guess if this is a real image or fake?

If you guessed real, you should come and join us for a free class so we can share with you the amazing advancement with Latent Diffusion models. Stability AI and their collaborators released Stable Diffusion on Aug 10th 2022.

Last month, we talked about the transformer language model used by Dall-E to generate images from text. StableDiffusion is a latent diffusion model that can generate images from input strings. if you would like to use my python notebook to run this model you can use a notebook I created at this link. Please note you will need a HuggingFace account(free to create).

Here is a few more I generated. Each generation took 13 seconds.

"Farmhouse style living room designed with West Elm furtniture"

"Farmhouse style living room with large windows"

What's fascinating is how the model is taking it's understanding of room design and expanding upon it to create never before design ideas.

Notice the coffee table shape above? I think this can really unlock creativity in any design domain and I am super excited about it!

Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think. If you would like me to create something for you, please leave me a note with the string you would like me to generate an image with!

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