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Artificial Intelligence is live.
Are You Ready?

A curated curriculum, hands-on education, offering individual attention like no other. Fundamentals of software, hardware programming, machine learning and innovation.

Machine Learning. Learnt.


Get your child ready to innovate.

This program leverages fun hands-on projects to explain how things work and how to solve problems. Kids already love technology with focus on games and entertainment. We leverage that as a strategy to make this interesting and fun. Our focus is to spark a passion for technology so they become stellar problem solvers and forever learners!

Girl Playing with Tablet

Because just coding is not enough.

A lot of organizations equate technology to coding.  Learning coding without understanding fundamentals of computers, internet, cloud, hardware and machine learning, is like cooking without having an understanding of spices. 
To understand the technologies and innovations that will define us in the next 10-20 years, this education is a must.  


Get the edge you deserve!

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ABCs of the modern world

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the new ABCs. In the future, a person who does not understand technology, would be much like a person who does not understand how to read and write today. Technology is growing exponentially but are school curriculums keeping up?


Enhance their education to prepare them for the inevitable future that awaits them.


What People Are Saying...

Mukta A

Palo Alto Mom & Physician

My son really enjoyed the Innovation and Machine Learning course (offered by Garima). The structure and content of the course were perfect for all levels from beginners to more advanced learners. The instructor created a positive, interactive learning environment along with plenty of individual attention for the students, allowing for fun and engagement while learning. The course size was perfect and the individual attention was amazing. We received feedback and enrichment actives that kept the engagement going after classes. I loved that the course started with the fundamentals and rapidly progressed to more advanced topics. I would highly recommend this course for kids as a great place to start or build upon their computer science knowledge!

Karen K

Palo Alto Mom & Physician

Garima’s class fills a gap in our current kids’ education, which is heavy on software, but sorely lacking in basic understanding of how computers work. I was very impressed with how she broke down the basics of computing—starting with basic hardware and an understanding of where the technology we use every day started. Over the course, my son also learned some programming (and he has been one of those rare tech-adverse kids!). We strongly recommend this course as a great way to give kids a deeper and more fundamental understanding of computers, from hardware to software.

Image by MD Duran


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